My Promise?
To have your back... 
while you develop  deep congruence and resilience so you can 'become' into your potential while you bounce back from any situation or circumstance you are facing to live a Fit, Strong & Courageous life, 

on your terms... unapologetically.

Your mission?

-  If you are a woman on a mission but you just need a renewal, re-commitment and to feel re-energized. 

-  If you are holding on to physical and emotional pain, weight, blame-game & victim-hood and know you need a change.

-  If you would benefit from awakening your latent divine potential.

...then I would love to support you. 

Then YOUR mission is to accept my invitation to join me on a deep-diving, mind-shifting, body-shaping, creative journey.

A little about Carla Armour:

Carla Armour coaches and mentors high achieving women focusing on Mindset shifts, Mind-body connections and the treatment of trauma and injury to awaken their inner power to be Centred, self-Compassionate, Creative, Consistent & Congruent so they can live a Courageous Life with deep Connection. She creates inspiring coaching experiences that combine deep mind-body Pilates practice & philosophy with creative resilience coaching techniques and strategies to cultivate values of self-compassion and self-integrity so they can get out of their way and step into their consistent FLOW.

She is a Life Coach, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Artist & Creative Tourism Consultant and Entrepreneur with over 35 years’ experience in these industries. and NGO’s in the Caribbean (Dominica), New York City, US, Namibia and England. Carla is currently the CEO and Coach/Consultant of Carla Armour Ltd. (UK) and Vetivert Inc. (Dominica). Carla combines her passions, with decades of expertise and life experiences to serve from her core, with love, respect and authenticity.

More things you may want to know about Carla:

She holds a MA from the University of Brighton’s International Events & Tourism Management Faculty having written a thesis on Developing & Delivering Authentic Destination Experiences through Events from the Local Stakeholder Gaze. She also holds degrees and Professional Certifications from Parsons School of Design at The New School majoring in Fashion & Accessory Design; The New York Restaurant School with Restaurant Management & a Chef Certification. First certified as an Aerobics Instructor in 1989, Carla has more recently spent the past 17 years in her wellbeing practice, working and studying mindset, goal setting and habit creation with a Life Coach qualification from New Insights Coach Training, and other expert mentors; at Conscious Movement Education, South Africa she qualified as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher & Master Training, with the Exercise Teachers Academy (SA) as a Personal Trainer and at Virgin Active, Windhoek as Group Fitness Manager (to name some of her main qualifications).


As a seasoned entrepreneur Carla Armour previously held management positions and board directorships within the Private, Public & NGO sectors in Dominica for many decades including as President of The Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association, The Society for Heritage & Architectural Preservation & Enhancement, and as a Director on the National Development Corporation of Dominica, Picard Beach Cottage Resort Ltd, Anchorage td, Dominica Writers Guild, Heart of Dominica Community Tourism Association and has produced and hosted Television and radio programs and cultural events and exhibitions. Carla has authored numerous articles, manuals, guidebooks and presentations geared to international Marketing and Sales for Dominica’s Tourism products. As an artist Carla is also a published performance poet and exhibiting artist.

How can I support you?

'Nobody does you better'

12 week Mindset & Movement QUEST.


Install your CORE Activators to be Centered, Consistent & Courageous... unapologetically!

You will release the blame, shame & victim crap out of your body, mind & spirit to Bounce-back from distress, detractors & disasters with this deep-diving, mind-shifting, body-shaping, creative journey

Living Pilates with Carla Armour

 Experience true 'Ease & Pleas(ure)' with Body Mind & Soul connection.

Release restrictions and dis-ease caused by stress, anxiety & uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits & postures.

Understand how to disconnect your body's Flight, Fright, Freeze response and stimulate your

Rest & Digest state to take control of your health, weight & pleasure.

1:1 Pilates sessions &

Live Group Pilates classes & workshops

(All currently live online)

'At Your CORE'


Get intimate with your 'why I'm in'!


Find Clarity & Congruence so you commit to an inspired vision, mission and action plan that resonates with your Values, Inspiration, Passions, lived Experiences, Talents & Skills so you serve authentically and broaden your 'Circle of Impact'.

Here's to your success and unadulterated  joy.

Have some feedback, a question, need more information? 

Go ahead, just drop me a note!

Carla Armour

Mindset & Movement Coach

Tel & WA: +44 07470466502

Brighton & Hove, UK & Dominica W.I.

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