'Vision it!' Get intimately engaged with your WHY!'
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@Your CORE... with Carla Armour

Topic: Vision it! Get intimately engaged with your WHY with visioning!

An inspiring, reflective & creative session to get clear on your WHY, creating Vision Statements, Board & Proclamation Posts.

I hear it so often, people struggle to fully commit and get the joy from their work because they feel they are not working alongside their calling. Some say they are not really congruent with their true desires for their life. This is your WHY. In this session, we go through this. Prepare for this session by exploring these things first and then you'll be ready to go even deeper during the session. From this work, you can then create a profound life Legacy or Vision statement.

As we're getting deep into it you'll choose images from magazines or online to create a poster as a Vision board of what you really want out of life.

Then you'll extract your own quotes from your Life Legacy Statement to have proclamation posts that you can use to inspire yourself each and every day. 

So, start this session when you're ready to explore, play and discover. I'll guide you in finding some self-awareness and self-direction and you'll be ready to inspire your next best steps and commitments.


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