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Be Centred in your Spirit • Stay Consistent with your Body • Have a Creative Mind

The TriFECTA FiX at a glance.

 1. Be Centred in your Spirit:

  • Meditation/Prayer: Each morning, you will do a ’Breath & Surrender’ practice. Asking “What does my dream legacy life look like?”

  • Read your ‘Personal Proclamation’ aloud 3 times a day.

  • Share 3 things you are GRATEFUL for with SOMEONE you are Grateful to have in your life.

2. Stay CONSISTENT with your BODY:

  • Centring Positive Posture practice 3 times a day.


  • 3 x Hydration & 3 x Nutrition: 3 litres of water &  eat 3 times a day.

  • MOVE 3 times a day, doing 3 types of movement every day: Fit (Cardio) • Strong (Strength) • Flexible (Stretch)

3. HAVE a Creative MIND:

  • Set yourself 3 goals you must accomplish today.

  • Ask your CORE Questions for each goal.

  • Celebrate each goal at the end of the day.

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What benefits can you expect from The TriFecta Fix?

Mindset & Movement Coach & Artist Carla Armour will guide you through a sequence of physical exercises and specific reflective self-care activities to nurture, self-compassion, self-respect and courage. Using easily accessible tools, simple tips and creative exercises, you will come away re-energized, refocused and renewed in body, mind & spirit.


  • In our ‘Breathe & Surrender’ sessions, you will release built-up tensions from the Stress (Fright/Flight/Fight) Response State by learning easy manageable mind-body practices that develop strength and stamina, releasing those Happy Hormones to get you into a Rest, Digest & Recovery Response State so you can awaken your inner power, living a balanced healthy life of consistent commitment.  


  • In the ‘Creating your Personal Proclamation’ exercise, you will find clarity of purpose and develop deep congruence between Passion and Vision.


  • Encouraging and exploring creativity and innovative thinking so that you are resourceful and productive with your ‘Goals Settling’ and action-taking.


  • Use creative play to make your Personal Proclamations, Gratitude posts, Life Legacy Statements or boards, you will be making ongoing Contracts for your constant wins that bring joy and keep up your motivation and momentum. You become a doer and not just a talker, walk the talk!


  • You will become courageous and deepen your engagement with others as you master and maintain control of your emotions and reactions and dwell in the Rest & Recovery phase more easily. You are able to stay connected to all areas of your Life and deepen your Connection to your ‘Circles of Impact’ & influence in all areas of your life.

  • Each day of the FIX you will go through set practices and activities to install them into your day and eventually your life.

These practices will inspire you to reach waning goals and resolutions and kick-start new practices.

I post regular prompts in a private, members-only Facebook Group, Living at your CORE, to keep you on track and you will be encouraged to keep active with each other.

The TriFECTA FIX is designed to be a reboot that you can use from time to time. When done for a period of 3 weeks it establishes a routine.

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  • The TriFECTA FiX workbook 

  • Access to private Facebook group with posts, prompts, meditations and training videos from Carla Armour

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What's included?

  • Everything from the regular FiX, including your workbook and private Facebook group access

  • PLUS two 30-minute 1:1 private coaching sessions with coach Carla Armour to really hold you to task