Supporting Your Skin From Within
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Beautiful skin comes from within – it is a reflection of what is going on inside our bodies.  When something goes wrong with our bodies, we get used to popping a pill and hoping that it works as quickly as possible so that we can get on with our busy lives.  There is nothing wrong with that.  No-one wants to put up with pain or other uncomfortable symptoms for longer than they have to.  However, if all we are doing is suppressing symptoms, then we are simply smashing the smoke alarm without investigating why it went off in the first place.


A good starting place to support the skin is looking after your digestion.  Outer skin cells are constantly being replaced and to produce healthy new cells you need a good supply of water, oxygen, nutrients, proteins and fats.  Proteins are formed into collagen and elastin, which help keep our skin supple, plump and healthy.  All skin cells also need fats to maintain healthy membranes.  However, just eating the right kind of foods will not be enough if your body is not breaking those foods down properly and absorbing the nutrients so that they can be transported to where they need to go.  It may also not be enough if waste products are not being eliminated properly and are re-circulating around your body.


The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body.  The other detoxification organs are the liver, kidneys, lungs and bowel.  If any of these other organs are not functioning optimally, or other systems (such as lymphatic, circulatory or hormonal) are congested or out of balance, it will often show up on the skin.


Supporting healthy skin can involve any of the following:


• Supporting other organs of detoxification

• Reducing stress and supporting the nervous system

• Balancing hormones

• Avoiding anything that triggers allergic reactions

• Supporting the circulatory and lymphatic systems

• Supporting the immune system


When we notice issues with our skin – whether it just looks dull and dry, or there are more extreme symptoms such as eczema, acne or psoriasis – we often address them with external lotions.  These can certainly be effective but looking beyond the skin to find out what the root cause of the skin problems may be can lead to more lasting solutions.


Rachel Morgan is a naturopath, herbalist and iridologist.  She obtained her qualifications at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, the Association of Master Herbalists and the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists.  She combines sound academic knowledge with a practical and holistic approach to identify and address the root cause of health issues.


In this live session Rachel will talk about practical steps you can take to optimise your digestion, including using herbs and food to help stimulate digestive juices, support digestion, and help with elimination of waste products.

Regardless of what task we undertake, I encourage a 'CORE-centric' approach.

Being Centered, Optimized, Resilient and fully Engaged 

so we can live a Courageous Life.

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