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Ease & Pleas-ures 6 week Pilates Course

A deep Mind Body course for emotional & physical fortitude.

  • 50 minutes
  • $697 for 6 wk course
  • Online via ZOOM.US or Skype

Service Description

Ease & Pleas-ures is a Living Pilates course with Carla Armour • Three 50 minute Pilates breath & movement workshop sessions over 6 weeks • 30 minute Introductory Call • Includes Posture Analysis & Movement Assessment • Access to Workshop replays and Carla's Live ZOOM classes • Body Buff worksheets • Wellbeing home program • Weekly whats app prompts and motivation • Access to Facebook community filled with exercises, prompts and posts Learn to train your body & mind connections to release dis-ease, fear & anxiety. Unravel the scars and wounds from past trauma, chronic pain, hurtful experiences, uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits & poor postures. Understand how to disconnect from the stress response that sends your body into Flight, Fright, Freeze response, emerge from the disassociation and despair to be able to stimulate the Relaxation Response to stimulate your Rest & Digest state so take control of your health, weight & pleasure. • Assess your deviations and tight areas, holding spots and therefore Access your healthy Alignment • Connect deeply with breath, balance and focus • Trust with complete Surrender that you are doing it right, in the moment. I have had to deepen and dovetail all my tools, I use my Mindset & Movement Living Pilates model; 'ACTS of Courage' (above) with all my clients now and that seems to have been the divine touch that came out of late 2020. It's a beautiful visceral, very sensual and totally liberating process. What are the benefits to you: • Integrate correct recruitment of your core, • Open up tight areas and strengthen weaker ones, • Understand and develop new neural pathways to move intelligently, • Learn to switch on your Powerhouse to ensure you are physically balanced, • Move with focus so you are injury and pain free, feeling fit, strong and flexible in body, mind & spirit. We incorporate the Pilates Principles throughout our practice which insists on CONCENTRATION, deep self-awareness, emphasis on proper energizing BREATHING and CENTRING before movement with complete CONTROL, increasingly creating FLOW and ease while challenging your execution for increased PRECISION. Before we begin you will complete a Health & Fitness questionnaire so we better understand your needs and desires for the course.

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