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'Crafting Your Roadmap for Financial Wellness'

@Your CORE... with Carolyn James

Topic: Crafting Your Roadmap for Financial Wellness

@Your CORE Live with Carolyn James on 'Crafting Your Roadmap for Financial Wellbeing'. Join the conversation as Carolyn James, MBA, 40 years in Banking & Finance and former Head of Client Services at the Trust and Asset Management Arm of one of the largest conglomerate banks in T&T and recently retired Fund Manager of a leading investment company, shares her wisdom, going into depth on what 'Financial Wellness' means and how you can improve your Financial Wellbeing.


Financial wellness means taking steps to live within your financial means and planning for future financial health. You can do this by planning financially, creating a budget and learning to be a good consumer. It is an important component of the circle of individual wellness which includes Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Environmental. Closing the most disruptive year in most of our lifetimes within just a few weeks, I have asked Carolyn to be our next Sage to share her wealth of wisdom (pun intended) with us at our next @Your CORE LIVE.


Carolyn will speak on the importance of business and personal project budgeting and funding and the importance of planned scenarios which enable us to safeguard and pivot when the unexpected takes place. It can be particularly challenging to maintain Financial Wellness, especially in such uncertain times, so, Carolyn will be discussing;

  • What are the 5 key steps for successful Financial Planning?

  • Why is Financial Planning SO important?

  • Confronting and taming the financial 'Dragons'

  • How to write a financial plan that will help you


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