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Recalibrate your Rhythm
A Pilates & Creative Life Activation Retreat in Dominica

with Carla Armour
Artist, Pilates BodyMind Healer & Life Activation Courage Coach.

You have put 2022 behind you and planning to make 2023 the year to

Just imagine returning home from a very different  Caribbean Retreat

feeling totally recalibrated in body, mind, heart & soul. 

No need to imagine, because you can experience all this and more.

You are invited to join this deeply immersive and awe-inspiring Retreat in

the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica.

Hosted at the all-inclusive award-winning 5-star
Jungle Bay Eco-villa Resort & Spa.

Saturday 18th to Saturday 18th June 2022!

You are invited to spend 7 glorious days and nights being enveloped in Nature
to Re-centre, Release, Renew & Recalibrate your Body Mind, Heart and Soul

You are invited to spend 7 nights in the lap of luxury totally spoilt by the Jungle Bay Team, ​

enjoying delicious, all organic meals, tropical juices, freshly picked teas & brews,

 starting your days with fresh picked coconut water.

Invited to start your days centred, strengthened and stretched by the island’s leading Pilates Instructor.

Invited to be pampered with spa treatments by the highly trained and experienced Jungle Bay therapists.

Invited to be guided through deep creative mindful sessions and meditations with a dedicated retreat coach.

Invited to experience adventures to Dominica’s world-renowned rivers, waterfalls, heritage and cultural sites, hot springs, crystal clear waters and luxuriant nature.

You are invited to start breathing again, fresh clean air...

Recalibrate your Rhythm Retreat

Spend this beautifully immersive week of centring Pilates, inspiring creative sessions, exhilarating adventures in nature, transformative cultural activities and sacred relaxation time for

recalibrating your rhythm & celebrating life.

You will release physical tensions, creative doubts and emotional discontent so you are energised and refreshed becoming truly centred, creative and courageous, to return home Confidently YOU.

Where better to do this but in the Heart of the Caribbean, on the most unspoilt pristine island in the region where the Kalinago, the Caribbean's last surviving indigenous people call home. Yes on this little island known for the highest percentage of Super-Agers (Centenarians) and National Protected Park lands.

Not to mention Dominica’s exceptional management of CoVID-19.