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Pink Ribbon Pilates for the Dominica Cancer Society
with Carla Armour

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'm proud to say I did 31 days of daily 20 minutes of Live Pink Ribbon Pilates to raise awareness of the importance of early cancer detection and to celebrate survivors! As part of this event, I am raising funds for the Dominica Cancer Society. 


You can find all the workouts on my Youtube Channel. Please remember to donate whatever you can to this highly important cause, funds will be sent to The Dominica Cancer Society. Thank you everyone for your most needed support! 

Send your donation directly to: 

National Bank of Dominica, Hillsborough Street, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica 


Account No. 80170280261

Referencing PRPOct20

I am passionate about Pilates & Coaching and how living the Pilates principles and being diligent with practice can do so much for our level of fitness, our physical and mental strength and fortitude as well as build such a wellspring of inner power and confidence in us while instilling such deep humility and respect.

My Pilates is a very empowering, sensual, restorative and releasing daily journey... words cannot really explain, you just have to get inside of the feeling. It's a mindset & movement meditation no matter how small or big, how gentle or how strong the movement, position or exercise, you have to think it!

What will you find in these videos?

  • Introducing Pilates Breathing; Lateral Ribcage breathing.

  • Seated posture, centering; connecting with your deep core and the midline from heels to hips and to the length of the spine to the crown of the head. #longbackstrongfront

  • Neck stretches & Lateral bends 

  • C-Curve with half roll back and spinal articulation ro sit back up... you should be lifting out of the tail and contracting sequentially and l deeply throughout the body.

  • Seated Roll down to Supine, lying on your back with knees bent; connecting to Pelvic Floor and learning total surrender of the deep Psoas and pelvic floor

  • Spinal articulation to Bridge, long lines, ironing out your hip creases, and lengthening the back pulling Pubis to Breastbone.

  • Hamstring, calf and ankle stretches

Remember to take it slow and feel every inch of your body delight in the attention and care.


Enjoyed my Pilates sessions?

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It is my deep desire and divine calling to support you through YOUR time

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Regardless of what task we undertake, I encourage a 'CORE-centric' approach.

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Nobody does YOU better Quest with Carla