Push down those blocks and barriers

lose these looping fears and self doubts,

let's get your inner Divine Empress out!

12 weeks to the  strongest, fittest & 

most courageous YOU!

Nobody does   better.


My promise?

 To have your back

as you develop your strength, deep congruence and resilience so you can

'become' into your potential. Bouncing back from any situation or circumstance you are facing 

to live a Fit, Strong and Courageous life,

on your terms... unapologetically.

   Let me know whether any of the following sound familiar?

  • You are anxious and uncertain, not sure which direction to take for your business, career, life, dreams?

  • Can't really figure out your deep passion and what you really want for the next year, 2 years, 5 years?

  • Feelings of vulnerability, physical and emotional scars have manifested into chronic pain and tensions?

  • Maybe it's an illness or injury or a loss? Held traumas have you feeling numb and bruised at the same time?

  • Finding you need to drag your 'Brave-face' back on every morning? 

  • Keeping yourself stuck in paralyzing perfectionism, self-blame, and victim-mode? 

  • Years of negative speak piled on from betrayal and disappointment that your sense of self-worth is eluding you?

  • Are looping fears and self doubts amplified constantly distracting your focus, flow, and purpose? 

  • By now I guess, your physical wellbeing. your Me-time is second fiddle... sabotaging your sleep, your weight, your fitness, your health, your relationships... your joy? ​


Have you actually been battling with some or many of these for months and even years now?

... Well trust me, you are not alone.

During uncertain and difficult times, we can feel even more vulnerable, alone, and out of control.

It takes a real leap of faith, but most scary is that first step on your journey

from where you are now through survival to total 'Thrival'


So how will I support you? 
I will hold you accountable to you and only you.


It is my deep desire and divine calling to support you through YOUR time

of reflection, release, and renewal.

 I am inviting you to apply to be one of just a few amazing women

on my exclusive Mindset & Movement 'Bounce Back' Quest called,

'Nobody does you better'.

So I invite you to pause...  take a breath...

Close your eyes and just take a long slow deep breath,

and let's set an intention.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it,

is within the next 12 weeks to;

  • Re-energize every cell in your body through deep Pilates core connecting, mind body work.

  • Learn to love and trust your strong, flexible beautiful body, having stamina to do whatever YOU choose.

  • Learn complete self-awareness and nurture your self-compassion to regain your sense of self-worth, igniting your inner power to accomplish your deep desires.

  • Normalize living with ease and pleas(ure), in complete self-love  

  • Integrate tools & habits to get in and learn to stay in the best physical and emotional shape of your life. 

  • Move forward into your next legacy-defining actions and simply rock your world,...

Yes my dear, all of this while developing unwavering self-integrity, to face every situation with

unshakeable confidence, consistent action, deep congruence and resolute courage.

So many beautiful, hard-working women sacrifice their entire being for and because of others, for work, for other people's priorities, because of other people's judgments and old stories! Yes, they leave nothing for themselves.  You know this. Whether it's parenting, intimate relationships, deep friendships, work colleagues, or honest commitment to your job or business if you do not feel truly congruent with who you dream and crave to be, true happiness and joy will elude you.

So, please, don’t let anyone tell you different.... not even those voices whispering at you from the past,

yes, those same ones that always hold you back. 

Don’t allow destructive sabotaging mindsets and fears to take up space in your beautiful brain…

because this IS within your reach!

So go ahead and join me on this Quest

"I would recommend you to someone for, setting fitness goals, organization in reaching one’s target. Dedication and perfection. Help in fitness injuries. Event planning and implementing life coaching, and structuring of one’s life. Your ability to make things happen through your organizational skills. Knowing they will receive the best no matter what it is. Your ‘plain truth, take it, or leave it’ attitude.

            Joann – Style Consultant, Interior Designer, Real Estate Developer


A  ‘Quest’: (noun) 

is a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something:


So, what is that ‘something’ for you? 
How can I serve you during your pursuit of that something?

Know that I commit to doing this personal work with each of my clients so I can only work with just a handful of committed women on a divine mission to be their best. It is an up-close and personal adventure with my full support. This is why I ask you to send me an application, we both need to agree that we can succeed on this quest together.

During our 12 weeks of Mindset & Movement Resilience Coaching

we will work with 1 to 1 and group online coaching sessions,

creative play, mindset and Pilates videos along with 

check-sheets and workbooks from my Treat-kit,

all aimed at integrating the 

'CORE Activators'.

My signature system designed to keep you on track for years to come.

Becoming 'CORE Centric': 

Centered, Optimized, Resourceful, and Engaged, living fully energized, focused, and intentioned… 

in control, in your rhythm in a state of full flow! Sweet!

I would like to apply to do this Quest with Carla!

'Nobody does you better'.


Fit Strong & Flexible,
Centered, Creative, Committed & Courageous.

A 12-week radical self-care Quest

to get clear on who and what you want,

why you want it and achieving it.
my promise?... to awaken your inner Divine Empress!

A deep diving, mind-shifting, body shaping, habit forming exclusive Quest!

Our 12 weeks together will include deep diving, mind-shifting, body shaping, habit-forming creative, fun, and growth activities from my Treat-Kit'!


Here are some details about our Quest activities. These will vary in time invested on your part, requiring anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes of work per day. It’s work yes, but all for YOU! The key, its about consistency and installing that courageous mindset. Our 12 weeks together will include:

  • 6 private Coaching sessions online on Zoom or Skype during the 12 weeks.(they will be recorded for your future use if you desire). These calls include:

    • Our first private ‘Discovery call

    • A Break-through Power Hour call

    • A Legacy Mapping, Mission & Goal setting call (60 minutes long).

    • Two 40 minute 1 to 1 ROAST Coaching Sessions (Review Optimize Align & (re)Structure & (re)commit to your Tasks)

    • A 60-minute Celebration Call during the 12th week of the Quest 

  • Weekly Content Drops from my 'Treat-Kit':

    • Video or email with your week's prompts and tools.

    • Weekly Body Buff Video: Pilates & self-care shares

    • Weekly private feedback on your personal assignments and tasks to include:
      ‘Collecting Receipts’ – assignments, admissions, and ‘debts’, the price we pay for who we are today. These include:
      Weekly ‘Personal Proclamation Posts’ which will include our Creative Quest play; Love Letters, Receipt Rituals & Gratitude Cards and much more. (my personal favourite that you are truly going to just love)

All geared toward making the CORE Activators your default mode:


During each week, as you go through the principles and the corresponding topics, you will be learning to integrate your CORE Mode, my signature activator system based on self-compassion and resilience building.

It is designed to keep you on track for years to come.

It is like having ‘anchors’ in daily life, that trigger you intellectually, emotionally, and physically,

at home, at work, and in your environment

When faced with a challenge, fear or memory that threatens to destabilize you,

you can ask yourself, 'am I @MyCORE? Am I Centred, Optimized, Resilient & Engaged'.

It's a way of boosting yourself, strengthening your stance to deal with every situation and decision with

unshakeable confidence, connection, and deep congruence.


    Ask yourself these CORE questions…

  1. Am I totally Centered? Am I approaching my life and wellbeing or situation with Clarity and Focus, am I internally motivated, and totally self-fueling my missions or decision? Vision & Legacy Congruence.
    Some trigger words may be: Clarity, Focus, Creativity, Compassion, Congruence, Caring


  2. Am I Optimizing? my movement, hydration, nutrition, mindset, rest, professional & recreational practices, processes, and routines so I am equipped to face today or this situation? I am prepared for this.
    Some trigger words may be: Strengthen, Amend, Revise, Tweak, Develop, Refine, Purify, Cultivate, Enhance, Improve, Hone


  3. Am I being Resourceful? Have I gathered all the resources and support systems to be successful with this task or situation? Do I have what it takes to see it through to the end, if not, what else can I do and put together?
    Some trigger words may be: Inclusive, Cooperative, Team-player, Leader, Grateful, Energized, Flexible,  Responsive, Expansive


  4. Am I Engaged? Am I being congruent with my values and personal commitments while being in tune with those around me who matter and who need my expertise, love, and contribution?
    Some trigger words may be: In-tune, Intentioned, Committed, Contracted, Empowered, Energized, Steady, Purpose

    Am I developing radical Resilience while being compassionate so that I am confident in my adaptability, self-reliance, and self-worth? 


Take me to the Quest application, please!

A deep diving, mind-shifting, body shaping, habit forming exclusive Quest!


Week 1 - Point A.: Contracting

You sign a contract with YOU and I to you! We agree I have your back.

We agree and accept where you are NOW.
We would have done some preparation assessments and writing with workbooks.

Week 2 & 3 - Principle 1: Awareness

You will cultivate self-awareness and inner strength by exploring your Values, Inspiration, Passions, Past Experiences, Talents, and Skills, (VIP’s & PETS) so you can chart your authentic Life Legacy Statement.

Weeks 4 & 5 - Principle 2: Inspiration

You will slow down to build up, pause for thought, deepen practices to nourish, and re-ignite self-respect. Engaging with your chosen Legacy to create your Personal Proclamation (Manifesto) to discern your true goals and missions so you will naturally maintain self-motivation and momentum.

Week 6 & 7 - Principle 3: Centring

You are now nurturing self-compassion and honourable forgiveness. Deepening Communion & broadening Connections congruent with your Missions, Values & proclaimed Life Legacy to navigate your position at

the center of your ‘Circle of Impact’.

Weeks 8 & 9 - Principle 4: Control

You will demystify any limiting beliefs, deconstruct your ‘demons’ and take full control of your actions with conviction. This is a deep process that aims to fuel your commitments and really set you into

a sweet space of self-compassion and self-love.

Week 10 & 11 - Principle 5: FLOW

In your deep Flow state, you release judgments and lose yourself in congruent productivity while practicing massive self-integrity. You deepen your CORE Activator integration so that resonate with authentic expression, live with ease, dismiss distractions, and just relax into a courageous you.

Weeks 12 - Principle 6: Precision

Executing your dreams and desires on your terms! Engaged Mind Body & Spirit balance and intentioned congruence. You will have accomplished goals, improved fitness, resolved relationships, healed injuries, and pushed down many blocks and barriers to your success. You are fully Engaged, Energized & Empowered and know how to stay that way.

Apply to be part of this Quest with Carla 

​​Why Do I want to support you?


Because, trust me, I feel you, I know you, I know right where you are, because I have been there too. I too have had to climb out of some very dark places, each time having to deepen my resolve, reorient my purpose with an entirely different plan. I had to reinstall my conviction and reclaim my power even my identity. You see most people just look at me and see a colourful, extroverted bad-ass, 'take-no-prisoners' Carla, but let me tell you, I have been through my piles of crap too. Too much to talk about here, but I have been in similar painful paralyzing situations like you. I have felt it, excruciating pain and injury, felt loss and lost, violated and exploited, betrayed, used, and discarded. 

So trust me when I say, I got your back on this one... I really do.

I will give you my most recent story, you see, very much like we are today in this COVID-19 Pandemic time, just under 3 years ago, I got a rude awakening that brought back up all my past... I found myself living in circumstances that had me facing a very different uncertain reality that I hadn’t prepared for. Natural disaster, I experienced a devastating hurricane, one traumatic and emotional experience after another followed, loss and devastation of property and business, personal or professional challenges, fear, real fear for my physical and emotional being. Total and complete overwhelm, despair, and shame. It's like I was judging myself from every angle, while faking it, pretending like it was all just fine while drowning every lonely dusk and sleepless stormy night with alcohol in a house with no security or roof. I felt paralyzed, couldn't exercise, no dry space, I couldn't run, too scared to face the haunting landscapes (and I have been a runner for about 40 years)..., talk about being flooded with stress hormones and over-eating the wrong foods only to gain 11 kilos in 5 months? I was up to my heaviest adult weight, that I had only been at once before the day after I delivered my son. I couldn't think straight, angry, shocked, lost... basically, overall 'I was a f***ing hot mess'! (excuse the french, but I just don't know how else to say it).


But thank God, I got a break, took a step away the moment I found a window of time and glimmer of hope. I found my trusted 'toolboxes', shook myself hard, and realized that something just had to give! So I got some emotional support, established reliable professionals, hired a business coach, started taking care of myself and exercising, rolled out my Pilates Mat, started running and painting and writing poetry again... Hill running for 2 hours was like I had tasted heaven. The freedom, the sense of stamina, and inner strength, it all came back to me. I was back in business, teaching, and coaching again, and yes, within 4 months I had shed those 11 kilos!


The thing is, it was familiar, I had made similar journeys personally and with clients and friends quite a few times before. Whatever you are struggling with, the fact that you are also experienced, accomplished, and talented you do have what it takes to get back on top of your game, but even better! This time, the game you choose will be played on your terms… I know you know that too, so please, do not doubt yourself, your abilities, and your will. When you find that self-compassion and have someone to support you and help you uncover your truth and potential, it works. I know it I have done it.


To be honest, as I said before... it is downright paralyzing, I know it is...

and that my dear, is WHY I created this amazing Quest.

It's delicious, it's juicy, it's creative, it's physical, it's intellectual, it's spiritual, it will be emotional.

It's a hybrid of experiences that I know will take you to and through some divine spaces
you need and you will love. 

So what do you say?  Let's do this together?

"I would recommend anyone to you - especially those who may lack confidence in their own ability

and are at a point that they really need a supportive push by a strong focused accomplished woman.

But if one is looking to have their ego stroked - you are NOT the coach for them."         

 Nicole S. - Supreme Court Judge

Here's to your success and unadulterated  joy.

Have some feedback, a question, need more information? 

Go ahead, just drop me a note!

Carla Armour

Mindset & Movement Coach

Tel & WA: +44 07470466502

Brighton & Hove, UK & Dominica W.I.

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