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by Carla Armour

Learning to embody Ease and Pleasure


Incorporating the Pilates Principles throughout our practice which insists on safe controlled intentioned movements, concentrating on a deep self-awareness, emphasis on proper energizing breathing, centring before movement, through oppositional focus we increasingly create flow and ease while challenging your execution for increased precision,... Moving from a Strong CORE.

Living at your CORE is about training your body & mind connections to release dis-ease, fear and anxiety.

Unravelling the scars and wounds from past trauma, chronic pain, hurtful experiences, uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits & poor postures so you experience pure joy & ease..

Living Pilates with Carla is an in-depth and refreshing Pilates journey to focus on you, your injuries, your realignment and your tension release by connecting your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pilates Principles, Philosophy & Movements.



What is Pilates? 

Pronounced pih-LAH-teez, this method of mind-body conditioning is a unique exercise system that takes the name of its creator, Joseph H. Pilates. Developed more than 90 years ago, it is a method of specific and controlled exercise and movements designed to stretch, strengthen, and re-balance the body, mind and spirit. 


The Pilates Promise:

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole NEW Body.” 

 Joseph Pilates, Return to Life through Contrology. 

Mr. Pilates
Man curling over backwards, performing a Pilates exercise.

On a Pilates journey with me, you understand and practice how to physically disconnect from the stress responses that send your body into Flight, Fright, Freeze response, to emerge from the disassociation and despair to be able to stimulate the Relaxation Response and your Rest, Digest & Recover state. Taking control of your health, weight & pleasure...  Living life on your terms in bliss and joy.

I take you through this with my 'ACTS of Courage' approach is a beautiful somatic yet visceral, very sensual and totally liberating process. I take you through the mindful stages of Awareness, Connection, Trust & Surrender.

  • Become Aware of your current state. Assess your deviations and tight areas, holding spots, to be able to access your healthy Alignment,

  • Connect deeply with breath, balance and focus to move from a strong core.

  • To Trust that you are doing it right, in the moment.

  • Surrender completely to healing and renewal to feel fit, strong and flexible all the time.

Why Living Pilates?

Living Pilates is the application of the Traditional Pilates Principles of Concentration, Breathing, Centring, Concentration, Control, Flow & Precision into your life's activities. Joseph Pilates developed his system to be Mind, Body & Soul Conditioning, and always promoted this concept. One should live by these principles and not merely practice them for a few hours each week. He called his system 'The Art & Science of Contrology'. 

Pilates is therefore about every day living with intelligent, efficient, effective, balanced, and economical movement, becoming fit, strong, and flexible no matter what age or ability. This way you will maintain greater health with each day, a clearer, more focused mind and inner power that is poised to take advantage of life's most exciting opportunities with courage and resilience.

What are the immediate Pilates benefits to you:

  • Integrate correct recruitment of your core, 

  • Open-up tight areas and strengthen weaker ones,

  • Understand and develop new neural pathways to move intelligently,

  • Learn to switch on your Powerhouse to ensure you are physically balanced,

  • Move with focus so you are injury and pain free, feeling fit, strong and flexible in body, mind & spirit.

  • We incorporate the Pilates Principles throughout our practice to maintain a deep self-awareness, effective breathing, control while creating controlled flow and ease even when challenged.

What can you expect when you work with me privately?

  •  Once you have booked your appointment or package, I will send you a Health & Fitness questionnaire to fill in. You can tell me all about your needs, issues and desires there so I can best cater to those of you on the workshop.

  •  Our first session will be an exploratory posture and movement session understanding the first 2 fundamental principles of Concentration & Breath and will introduce the CORE Connection with my 'Long back -Strong Front' activation for all positions.

  • During your second session, we will cover the application of deep CORE Connections or Centering and Control, concepts of Fascia lines and 7 diaphragms continuously connecting the body.

  • During our third session we will work with all that we have been practicing and see how natural Flow and Precision the last of the 6 Pilates Principles, have already come effortlessly as part of your practice and life.

  • After each session I will provide you with short breath and movement exercises do do everyday in between your following sessions or classes, as a way to practice what you are learning and allow your body to fully integrate this new pattern of moving and being

  • If we are working online, you will have access to your membership page with the recording

  • Usually my clients work with me on a 'ten-session package' to take advantage of a 10% discount, initially coming twice a week for the first 3 weeks before switching to once a week plus 2 group classes.

  • After 6 private sessions you will qualify for a month's free access to my Live ZOOM Fit Strong & Flexible Pilates classes to further enhance your speed of integration and creating habits for your mind and body. (spaces are limited so this is strictly on availability)

  • You are invited to join our Facebook Group for ongoing tips and exercises and a community to share your journey.

  • You will receive other resources and logs to give me feedback and monitor your progress

  • You are also encouraged to send me a weekly email or WhatsApp message to share progress or details that will aid your next sessions.

  • I promise to give you 100% dedication  to your growth and pleasure and I expect that you will give me 100% commitment and so that you WILL see incredible benefits and results.

Some of the other well-known benefits of Pilates:

  • A full mind-body connection & mastery

  • A renewed understanding of breath and the relationship of using breathing to manage physical and mental stress

  • Improved posture through a strong core and improved skeletal, muscular balance and recruitment patterns

  • Improved balance and coordination of movement

  • Increased flexibility, strength and endurance

  • Specific training for Peak Performance in an active lifestyle or sport

  • Reduced incontinence and improved bowel movements 

  • Prescribed for Pre & Post Natal and Pre & post-Op Orthopedic clients

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Excellent for mature clients

  • Integrate correct recruitment of your core,

  • Open up tight areas and strengthen weaker ones,

  • Understand and develop new neural pathways to move intelligently,

  • Learn to switch on your Powerhouse to ensure you are physically balanced,

  • Move with focus so you are injury and pain-free, feeling fit, strong, and flexible in body, mind & spirit.

Let me take you on this Body, Mind, Heart & Soul journey to experience a deepened body awareness, full mind body integration so you can release, strengthen, lengthen and rebalance your entire being for Vibrant Living. 

PILATES in Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean
Private Pilates Studio Sessions & Body, Art & Soul Day Retreats 
at Harmony Villa Art House, Pont Casse, Dominica