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'How to follow through on our goals and lofty intentions' Introducing the TriFECTA FiX!

@Your CORE... Introducing the TriFECTA FiX with Carla Armour

Studies have shown that by January 20th many people’s New Year’s resolutions and well-intentioned goals have already fallen by the wayside. What are your goals and resolutions you need help with?

Knowing this to be very true, having struggled with this myself and holding friends and clients accountable, yes, I can be a taskmistress, I decided to offer a wonderful FiX for this very problem so many of us have,



During this FREE ‘At Your CORE’ Live session I held a juicy jam-packed 60-minute Body-Mind-Soul workshop introducing my The Trifecta FiX!

WHAT??? The Trifecta FiX is:

  • 3 daily actions in

  • 3 Life Areas for

  • 3 weeks!

It is a juicy challenge for you to install key rituals & practices to keep you on target with your resolutions and goals.

This Workshop is your introduction and kickstart for the 3 week FIX! Then you are encouraged to stick to it for 3 weeks until it becomes automatic to keep on track.

Using your downloaded checklist, you will do these rituals throughout the day, don’t worry we go through it all in the video.

1. How to Be   Centred in your Spirit:

o  Meditation/Prayer: Each morning, you will do a ’Breath & Surrender’ practice then ask your ‘Legacy prompt question’.

o Read your ‘Personal Proclamation’  (Affirmation) aloud 3 times a day.

o Share 3 things you are GRATEFUL for with   SOMEONE you are Grateful to have in your life.

2. How to stay   CONSISTENT with your BODY:

o A 2-minute Centring Positive Posture practice 3 times a day.

o 3 x Hydration & 3 x   Nutrition: 3 litres of water & eat 3 times a day.

o MOVE 3 times a day, doing   3 types of movement every day: Fit (Cardio) • Strong (Strength) • Flexible   (Stretch). Don’t freak out, I will explain!

3. How to HAVE a Creative MIND:

o Set yourself 3 goals you must accomplish today.

o Ask yourself the CORE Questions   for each goal you are settling on to ensure you are congruent & creative,   optimized, resourceful and engaging with your Legacy & Circle of impact.

o Celebrate 3 goals at the end of the day.

Basically, it’s about you developing keys to keep you switched on to your goals, mission and vision.

Being Centred in your Spirit,

Staying Consistent with your Body

Having a Creative Mind

Now who on earth couldn’t do with that?


I encourage you to revisit these key actions for a 3 week period and watch your life transform!


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