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Money Matters - How You Do Money Is How You Do Life
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Join Quest Coach Carla Armour for another meet-up 'at Your CORE' lead by her Quest Sage Afra Schimming-Chase 


LLB LLM - Financial Planning Professional, Moderator, Facilitator & Entrepreneur

For Money Matters -  “how you do money is how you do life”  


Join this in-depth conversation as this dynamic African Caribbean woman shares her wisdom on supporting her clients to create and maintain a positive relationship with money and how to get and stay out of debt whilst building powerful financial futures that reflect their highest aspirations and wildest dreams. 


In these uncertain times, Afra will open the discussion by asking;


 - What are those basic touches that you can bring to your financial life? 


 - What are your biggest challenges around money right now? 


 - How do you currently handle your finances in these turbulent times, even during a personal crisis or pandemic uncertainty?


Afra Schimming-Chase is a Certified Financial Planner®️ Professional and a professional member of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa. She holds an LLB, LLM and Postgraduate Diploma in Law, obtained from the University of Mont Saint Aignan, Rouen, France. Born in West Berlin, Germany, to a Namibian mother and a Saint Lucian Father she was educated in Namibia, Switzerland and France, she is a true global citizen who lives and works in Windhoek Namibia. In 2006 she founded her own business CHASE & Associates CC which empowers individuals and businesses to achieve infinite financial abundance through simple and effective solutions.


In addition to financial planning and coaching services, Afra also trains and facilitates Financial Wellness Workshops. You can read more about Afra's fascinating professional life from her CV.


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