What to expect in the

CORE Alignment Calibration 'Madam-class


LIVE on ZOOM on Saturday 8th May 2021!

1:30am BST / 8:30am EST

Get deeply centred

Find true Clarity

Unleash your Creativity

Join this beautiful LIVE Interactive, Calibration Session!
Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Madam-class.
(I can't stand the word Master class, sounds like a slave master to me).

in our Caribbean Creole Culture,  a 'Madam' as a woman who is the head of her house, the Empress of her domain and her destiny!

So ladies are you all Madams

I intend this Madam-Class @Your CORE edition to be a truly soothing, supportive and enriching space when we can come together to calibrate and align our whole selves.

You will come away knowing how to physically disconnect from the stress response that send your body into Flight, Fright, Freeze response, emerge from the disassociation and despair to be able to stimulate the Relaxation Response to stimulate your Rest, Digest & Recover state to take control of your health, weight & pleasures. becoming resilient to master and maintain control of your emotions and reactions.

This Madam-class is for you if:

  • You are feeling the call to raise your game even more as you enter Quarter 2 of 2021, what some consider to be the year of possibility and potential.

  • You want to be more deeply connected to your inner beauty and spirituality.

  • If you want to feel liberated, strong and creative.

  • If you want to spend some time with other beautiful Empresses

I will take you through Pilates based movement practices that help to train your body & mind connections to release dis-ease, fear and anxiety so that you can understand how to unravel the scars and wounds from past trauma, chronic pain, hurtful experiences, uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits, poor postures and identify any injuries that can cause everyday tension areas and pain.

We will go through my ACTS of Courage,

a formula I have created that embodies Living at your CORE with total release and creativity.

This approach incorporates beautifully sensual somatic experiences through rhythmic breath connection,

creating Heart & Soul, Mind & Body coherence that is completely liberating.


The ACTS is an acronym for Awareness  -  Connection & Centring  -  Trust  -  Surrender

  • Becoming self-AWARE through mental & physical assessment. We will scan and assess our bodies for asymmetries, tight areas, holding spots and dis-ease.

  • Accessing Pilates CeENTRING to CONNECT to your core and release and realign your mind and body. Enhancing balance and focus.

  • Learning to TRUST that your body finds its release and recovery, that you are doing your best right now.

  • Understanding that it takes complete SURRENDER to be in the present to open ourselves to healing and bliss

We will discuss, share and practice the different approaches and benefits of stillness and creative practices, and of mindfulness rituals like meditation, prayer and journaling for our spiritual sustenance.

Using our Body Buff and HyMMMNSS worksheets, you will be able to plan and schedule your next 4 to 12 weeks of self-care, fitness activities and creative pursuits in all your life domains, at home, at work and at play. 

Befriending Me is about awakening your self-love and self-respect to live a more balanced healthy life of consistent commitment.  

As an Artist & Mindset & Movement Coach I will guide you through a sequence of physical exercises and specific reflective self-care activities to nurture, self-compassion, self-respect and courage. Using easily accessible tools, simple tips and creative exercises, you will come away re-energized, refocused and renewed in Body, Mind Heart & Soul.



As a special prelude to my Befriending ME Madam-class, I held a special 5 day Wellbeing REBOOT on my Facebook group

Fit Strong & Flexible with PILATES.

Why not hop on over there to see all the videos, shares and Reboot inspiration that took place every day from 22nd to 26th March. If you missed it live, no worries, the recordings and posts are still a really delicious Mind, Body, Heart & Soul reboot as a great continuation to Saturday's Madam-class, our celebration to close Quarter 1 OF 2021 with a beautiful communion.

During the Wellbeing REBOOT I will post daily exercise sessions and prompts based on my Daily HyMMMNS

(Hydration, Mindful Moments, Movement, Nutrition & Sleep) 

at 6am EST / 10am GMT.


It is a private, members-only Facebook Group where you can feel supported and encouraged to keep active with each other.