Mr. Pilates created the Magic Circle (also known as the Fitness ring), a small piece of equipment used to help the Pilates practitioner access their core muscles more effectively and easily. 

In creating 'At your CORE' I intend these LIVE sharing, informative exploratory sessions to play the role of a Magic Circle with our Questers and Quest Guest Contributing 'Sages' (wise and knowledgeable women),
so we can together embrace Higher Thriving because we are connecting with
our CORE Values, Passions and Purpose so that we can broaden our Circle of Impact.  

Upcoming Events...

  • Tue, Jan 19
    Online via ZOOM
    @Your CORE with Carla Armour
    Introducing 'The TriFECTA FIX', a Mind-Body-Soul Workshop, helping you incorporate 3 daily actions into 3 areas of your life for 3 weeks so you STAY the Course with your life vision and goals.
  • Sat, Feb 20
    Online via ZOOM
    Ease and Pleas-ures 3 part Living Pilates Workshop Series
    Experience true release & renewal with Body Mind & Soul connection, with Carla Armour. Train your body & mind connections to release dis-ease, fear & anxiety. ​ Live Group Pilates workshop Feb 20th, March 6th & 20th 2021 $135 (Price includes all 3 workshops)

Past Events...

If you missed any of our previous events, you can watch them and download the presentations here. 

5th January 2021

'Crafting Your Roadmap For Financial Wellness'

@Your CORE with Carolyn James

Join Carla and Carolyn for this week's LIVE @Your CORE event on: Crafting Your Roadmap for Financial Wellness, where Carolyn will be discussing the importance of 'Financial Wellness' and how to improve your Financial Wellbeing.

17th November 2020

'Vision it! Get intimately engaged with your WHY with visioning!'

@ Your CORE... with Carla Armour

A reflective and creative session to get clear on your WHY, creating Vision Statements, Boards and Proclamation Posts. 

 October 2020

Pink Ribbon Pilates for the Dominca Cancer Society 

with Carla Armour

To raise awareness for  breast cancer awareness month I offered a series of daily Pilates-based sessions with coach to raise money for The Dominica Cancer Society. 

27th October 2020

'How to reach those elusive goals in the safety of a 90-day Coaching Container'

@ Your CORE... with Karen Powell

A chance to connect with Creativity and Prosperity Coach, Karen Powell and gain insight on how YOU can become a Dream Catcher, realizing and pursuing your biggest dreams. 

13th October 2020

'Let's get to the bottom of what's standing in your way.'

@ Your CORE... with Carla Armour

An open coaching conversation with Carla Armour exploring what might be standing in your way and stopping you from living your most authentic, divine vision of your life. 

6th October 2020

'Finding your Centre, developing Consistency and nurturing Compassion'

@ Your CORE... with Carla Armour

In this online workshop, I shared tips from my Daily HYMMMNSS workbook on how to feel released and reconnected to get into your sweet Flowstate in all areas of life!

22nd September 2020

'How you do money is how you do life.'

@ Your CORE... with Afra Schimming-Chase

Catch up on this live call lead my
Quest Sage Afra Schimming-Chase

15th September 2020

Supporting Life's Transition - Menopause

@ Your CORE... with Rachel Morgan

Our Quest Guest expert Rachel Morgan, Naturopath, Herbalist and Iridologist with expert advice on preparing and supporting your body through the menopause. 

1st September 2020

Supporting your skin from within

@ Your CORE... with Rachel Morgan

Catch up on this live call with my Quest Guest expert Rachel Morgan, Naturopath, Herbalist and Iridologist. 

Here's to your success and unadulterated  joy.

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