My promise?  To have your back!
I am Carla Armour, I coach high-achieving women over 45 through a radical self-care, mind-shifting, body-shaping, habit -forming journey to end their struggle with uncertainty, self-sabotage and physical pain from overwork and tension, so that they can awaken their inner power to live courageous lives,

on your terms... unapologetically.

Who do I serve and what benefits and solutions can I offer you?


You are a woman on a mission but realize you need a release, renewal and to be refocused and re-energized. 

You are holding on to physical and emotional pain, weight, blame-game & self-critical victim-mode.

You know you need a change, searching life for or to be more, seeking something else.

You just feel it and come to the point where you know you need to find your unique talent and passion to make a life and living with, to leap out of bed excited, eager and refreshed  each day.

You would just simply so benefit from awakening your latent divine potential...
Then I would absolutely love to support you. 


If you are up for it, then YOUR mission is to accept my invitation to join me on a 

deep-diving, mind-shifting, body-shaping, creative journey.

On this journey, we will nurture your self-compassion, reveling in a profound self-care journey of honoring and honing your body and your mind, so you release past pains and judgments.

We will explore your passions and desires, sharpen your talents and skills so you become centered, creative, consistent  and committed. We will develop practices that ensure you feel fit and fabulous, strong enough in your authentic power and unapologetically courageous every day in any situation.

I believe we can agree that all of the above are vital characteristics and practices needed especially now, to be fully engaged while navigating life’s uncertain times.

I am sure you have heard it before that holding on to tension, trauma, and anxiety can make you physically and emotionally dis-eased, distracted, distressed and eventually depressed. So with my support, you will peel away these limiting layers of fear, doubts and insecurity, let us silence the noise by carving out your ‘me-time’.

Let your profound joy-filled expansion start with what you most control, YOU.

With our deep Mind, Body, Emotional & Spirit work together,  you will be supported, accountable, resourceful and become calm, decisive, and energized, so you can thrive in all areas of YOUR personal, professional and romantic life.

So go ahead and book a 40 minute Discovery call with me today, it's completely free and can be quite revealing and transformational.

How can I support you?

Just a little about me and why I do what I love to do.


As your Coach & Mentor, I promise to 'have your back' when you join me on deep-diving, 

mind-shifting, body-shaping, habit-creating creative journey to 'become' into your unique

Mind, Body & Soul  potential, living a Fit, Strong and Courageous life,

I coach and mentor high-achieving women to be able to take a pause to go within, awaken their latent authentic power so they stay purposed in their actions. Living a Centred, self-Compassionate, Creative, Consistent & Courageous Life with deep Connection.

I create inspiring coaching experiences that combine deep mind-body Pilates practice & philosophy with creative resilience coaching techniques and strategies.

As a Mindset & Movement Coach, Pilates and Personal Trainer, Artist and Creative & Tourism consultant with over 35 years’ experience in these industries, I have combined these passions, with my decades of expertise and life experiences to serve from my core, with love, respect and authenticity.

Regardless of what task we undertake, I encourage a 'CORE-centric' approach.

Being Centered, Optimized, Resourceful and fully Engaged 

so we can live a Courageous Life.

'Nobody does you better'

12 week Mindset & Movement 

Dive deep into this mind-shifting, 

body-shaping, habit-forming

creative journey with me!

You will release shame, blame & doubt out of your body, mind & spirit to move out of distress, away from distractions and detractors especially after disasters to be Centered, Consistent, Creative & Courageous... 

Living life on your terms, unapologetically! 

Living Pilates with Carla Armour


Experience true 'Ease & Pleas(ure)' with Body Mind & Soul connection.

Release restrictions and dis-ease caused by stress, anxiety & uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits & postures.

Understand how to disconnect your body's Flight, Fright, Freeze response and stimulate your 
Rest & Digest state to take control of your health, weight & pleasure.

Online 1:1 Pilates Programs 

Live Group Pilates classes & workshops

Clear Skies for you!

8 week Heart & Soul Coaching Program for Creative & Tourism professionals.

Get intimate with your 'why I'm in'!  

Find Clarity & Congruence with your Values, Inspiration, Passions, lived Experiences, Talents & Skills so you have Congruence of Vision, Clarity of Message and Authenticity of Offering.


Clearing the clouds of uncertainty so you are deeply engaged with your circle of impact; your team, your customers & your community.

"For the rest of your life be on the hunt for wherever you are not owning your unique story."  Mel Robins, Kick Ass.

Here's to your success and unadulterated  joy.

Have some feedback, a question, need more information? Go ahead, just drop me a note!

Contact me.:

Carla Armour

Mindset & Movement Coach

Tel & WA: +44 07470466502

Brighton & Hove, UK & Dominica W.I.

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