My promise?  To have your back!

Hi, I am Carla Armour, I coach highly driven women over 45 through a radical self-care, mind,  body & soul transformational journey to end their struggle with uncertainty & self-doubt, self-sabotage & imposter syndrome and physical pain from overwork and  held trauma, so that they can open  up and surrender to their innate divine potential to live courageous lives, of deep connection and self-trust.

Hmmm.. sounds a bit cornie,... well I cannot put it more honestly. The thing is, I am passionate about thI feel that I know who you are, I used to be proud of people telling me I am 10 people in 1 woman!  That's just such crap though, if nothing else we know after a 2020 like we have had, the most important thing is pacing ourselves, reflecting on the right paths for next projects or decisions and ensuring they are deeply congruent with who we want to show up as, for ourselves, our sanity, our own beautiful lives. Then taking ACTION and making progress without all the perfectionist paralysis because you have space, processes and a coach dedicated to your journey, to hold you accountable to YOUR word and to trust.


Sure, I know you have probably heard it before, coaches offer the moon and stars then send you off to an automated generic platform, you try to fend for yourself, then finally when you get to your coveted private session, the conversation quickly pivots away from what you need to process through right now, you feel unheard, unmoved, and in a daze. you shake your head and wonder... ok, what was that about? Sound familiar? Oh gosh, I have been there too. Well I can tell you now, you can ask anyone I work with, no matter what level of work you do with me, I hold space for YOU! 


You see, I have had so many clients and friends tell me how much I have helped them. How the tools I create for them and the guidance to process through their deepest journeys, including some very 'dark nights of their souls', has been transformational. How they know I always have their back, no matter how vulnerable they need to be, they trust me. You see, I am n a passionate mission to harness all aspects of my life's work, studies, skills, and experiences to support women whose greatest desire is to find or restore thier authentic voice, physical strength, creativity, self-worth and courage.

I do this by providing unwavering, no BS support, I create inspiring coaching experiences that combine deep mind-body Pilates practice & philosophy with creative resilience coaching techniques and strategies. because I combine my decades of passion, expertise and life experiences as a Life Coach, Pilates and Personal Trainer, Artist and Creative & Tourism Entrepreneur to serve from my core, with love, respect and authenticity.


So who do I serve and what benefits and solutions can I offer you? See if any of the following resonates with you.

  • You are a woman on a mission who realizes you need a release, renewal and to be refocused and feel re-energized. 

  • You are holding on to physical and emotional pain (held traumas), excess weight, blame-shame cycle, self-critical and uncertainty.

  • You know you need a change,. You are a seeker, you feel ready to take a journey within and need a guide or partner to go on your life quest.

  • You just feel it, at the point where you know you need to distill your unique talent and passion to make a life and living that excites yu and impacts your world profoundly.

  • You would so benefit from awakening your latent divine potential...

If any of the above rings true to you, then I would absolutely love to support YOU and I believe you would find my 'Nobody does You better Quest' ideal for you.





"For the rest of your life be on the hunt for wherever you are not owning your unique story."  Mel Robins, Kick Ass.

If you are up for it, then I invite you to accept my invitation to join me on an amazing journey within,

  • We will nurture your self-compassion, reveling in a profound self-care journey of honoring and honing your body and your mind, so you release past pains, held traumas, and judgments.

  • We will explore your passions and desires, sharpen your talents and skills so you commit to taking action in your life from your strengths, creatively and consistently.

  • We will develop practices that ensure you feel fit and fabulous, strong enough in your authentic power and unapologetically courageous every day in any situation.

I think these are all vital characteristics and practices needed especially now, as we navigate life’s uncertain times. With my support, you will peel away these limiting layers of fear, doubts and insecurity. Let us silence the noise by carving out your ‘me-time’.  Let your profound joy-filled expansion start with what you most control, YOU.

I don't have to tell you how holding on to tension, trauma, and anxiety can make you physically and emotionally dis-eased, distracted, distressed and eventually depressed. With our deep Mind, Body, Emotional & Spirit work together,  you will be supported, accountable, resourceful and become calm, decisive, and energized, so you can thrive in all areas of your personal, professional and romantic life.

If you are interested in doing this kind of work with me then please, book a 40 minute Discovery Call with me as soon as you can as I would be so honoured to work with you. The call is my gift to you and can be quite revealing and transformational

Various ways you can work with me?

'Nobody does you better'

12 week Mindset & Movement 

Dive deep into this mind-shifting, 

body-shaping, habit-forming

creative journey with me!

You will release shame, blame & doubt out of your body, mind & spirit to move out of distress, away from distractions and detractors especially after disasters to be Centered, Consistent, Creative & Courageous... 

Living life on your terms, unapologetically! 

Living Pilates with Carla Armour


Experience true 'Ease & Pleas(ure)'

with Body Mind & Soul connection.

Release restrictions and dis-ease caused by stress, anxiety & uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits & postures.

Understand how to disconnect your body's Flight, Fright, Freeze response and stimulate your 
Rest & Digest state to take control of your health, weight & pleasure.

Live Group Pilates classes & workshops

& On-Demand Workouts & Challenges

Clear Skies for you!

6 week Heart & Soul Coaching for Creative & Tourism professionals and businesses.

Get intimate with your 'why I'm in'!  

Find Clarity & Congruence with your Values, Inspiration, Passions, lived Experiences, Talents & Skills so you have Congruence of Vision, Clarity of Message and Authenticity of Offering.


Clearing the clouds of uncertainty so you are deeply engaged with your circle of impact; your team, your customers & your community.

Here's to your success and unadulterated  joy.

Have some feedback, a question, need more information? 

Go ahead, just drop me a note!

Carla Armour

Mindset & Movement Coach

Tel & WA: +44 07470466502

Brighton & Hove, UK & Dominica W.I.

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