Living at your CORE
Body, Mind, Heart & Soul Calibration

My promise? 

To have your back!

Hi, I am Carla Armour,

as a Mindset & Movement Coach,

I support busy ambitious women over 40 to learn to deepen their Body & Mind, Heart & Soul connections so they can live fit and healthy, creative and courageous lives. 

Learning to fully TRUST themselves.
With my guidance and tools you can finally give up the daily grind and emotional struggle with your fitness, weight, life balance, destructive beliefs and self sabotaging habits.

Confidently choosing to just do YOU, every time!

Mindset shifts, unwavering coaching support together with intentioned mind-body Pilates movement teachings are truly the 'secret ingredients' that allow you to awaken to your inner power. Getting centred, staying 'open to your potential, practicing physical and emotional release and surrendering to deep engagement with your passions, people and visions so you can be fit, creative and blissful. 


"For the rest of your life be on the hunt for wherever you are not owning your unique story." 
Mel Robins, Kick Ass.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are a woman on a mission who is feeling off balance. 

  • You are holding on to physical and emotional pain (held traumas)

  • Can't shake excess weight, making excuses and keep triggering a blame-shame cycle.

  • You struggle with feelings of 'not-enoughness' and imposter syndrome.

  • You tend to be self-critical and anxious.

  • You need someone to hold you accountable, to give you tools  and support to your presence and flow.

  • You need to find clarity to make a life and living that excites you and impacts your world

If any of the above rings true to you, then I would absolutely love to be your Mindset & Movement Coach.
Are you ready for a deep Body, Mind, Heart & Soul re-calibration, a true re-awakening to thrive at your divine potential? 
Then you will find my work, and especially my 'Nobody does YOU better Quest' is ideal for you.


"Carla, you are one of the most inspiring and strongest women I know." Insa 

"This really helped me, you being so open and vulnerable, knowing what you have gone through, I now understand how you can always re-frame things. Now I understand that I too can see things with a different lens." Tamara

"My body and my mind is exuberant with power and stillness after each session" Mario

"Carla has taught me how to tap into an abundant source of commitment and discipline to realize objectives that are important to me." Hillary

"Carla is an excellent and committed Pilates instructor and coach, who has an insatiable passion for what she does." Carolyn

"Carla takes you on a journey to be your bravest, fittest most creative self. Her program works if you do the work"  Galia 

I feel that I know who you are, I used to be proud of people telling me I am 10 people in 1 woman!  That's just such crap though, if we know nothing else, living through such unpredictable times, is that the most important thing is pacing ourselves. Taking a step back to reflect on the right paths for next projects or decisions and ensuring we are deeply congruent with who we want to show up as, for ourselves. Then taking planned ACTION with steady momentum without all the perfectionist paralysis, self doubt and exhaustion.
As your dedicated coach, I guide you on so many levels, nudging you on, and holding you accountable to YOUR word,
so you accomplish the goals you set and experience true transformation ease & joy.

I do this by providing unwavering, no BS support and inspiring coaching sessions.
We take a holistic Mind, Body, Heart & Soul approach. Combining contributions from Somatic and Classical Pilates, Neurophysiology, Mindfulness and 'held trauma release' practices with creativity and traditional Life & Wellbeing Coaching strategies. Why? Because studies show that the body holds on to our trauma for generations and these stop us from actually living our best lives and can lead to illnesses or a general sense of dis-ease, exhaustion, anxiety and fear. All this contributes to depressive episodes, lethargy and weight gain too.


Whether we are working with changing language and beliefs around weight management or shame, around injury from physical and mental stress and trauma, around clarity and consistency and deconstructing those obstacles to create a life of ease and pleasure, I always have your back. No matter how vulnerable you need to be, trust me.  With our deep Body, Mind, Heart & Soul(Emotional) and Spiritual work together. You will be supported, held accountable, get super resourceful so you are calm, decisive, and energized, thriving in all areas of your personal, professional and romantic life.


If you are interested in doing this kind of work with me then please, book a 40 minute Discovery Call with me as soon as you can as I would be so honoured to work with you.

The Discovery Call is my gift to you and can be quite revealing and turn on some major switches for you.

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As a multi-passionate woman with decades of experience in the Creative, Health & Fitness and the Hospitality& Tourism Industries, I have an interesting toolkit to share with my clients.

Have a look at the programs, services, classes and events on the linked images below to see the treats I have in store for you.

Pick what program best suits you and let's get started.

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